Going bilingual!

I've seen friends of mine publish a bilingual blog (Finnish & English) and I've wanted to try that as well... just haven't had the time yet. I still don't have any extra time on my hands - quite the contrary - but we got to talking around the coffee table in the morning at work and that's where the idea started. And here we are! Ta-daa!!

I have tons of friends abroad and just in case they google me, it would be nice for them to see something every now and then. So - HI to all you out there. Keep an eye out, I'll try to report something in English every once in a while.

Right now I'm extra psyched about a trip in mid-May were going to take with my friends and some new friends as well. We are heading for Russia, which is extra special, since I haven't been there. I mean, I was there when it was still Soviet Union but not since then and I've heard that plenty has changed! *grin*

We'll take a morning train to St-Petersburg and then spend the day there looking at sights and stuff. Then we'll take a night train (ooooh, exciting!) to Petrozavodsk or Petroskoi in Finnish..... or Äänislinna as it was known during the brief Finnish occupation period in 1945. That should be really really interesting. I'll write a little about that (I promise) after it's all over and we've all made it back here, hopefully in one piece!

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Veera kirjoitti...

It'll be so much fun, Petrozavodsk is a great place & Russian night trains are soooo special :)

Oh, and welcome to the growing crowd in the world of bilingual blogs!